Monday, October 27, 2008

Pot Roast Eliza Style

I made a fabulous roast that my friend Tammy posted about on her website I checke her out daily and make quite a few recipes that she postes about regularly all without disappointment.

I love a good piece of beef and since my 2yr old is anemic, we try to incorporate more meat and that is what the girl wants! " More MEAT Mumma!" Ahhh, midwestern girl to the core!

If you are Eliza, you cannot just have regular meat- it must have "sauce" AKA fall colored sprinkles... Hey if you will eat it that way- I will buy sprinkles in bulk!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


So I am sitting here completely and udderly enjoying my newest addiction- Facebook and sort of kind of watching Grey's Anatomy in the background. My babes are asleep, after only 15 minutes of banshee screaming and I am thinking that my life rocks...

And I hear over the tube, something about , "Va J-J's and if one is going to venture to unchartered territories...."

WHAT! Come now- do not do this to me! Do not throw in your token gay-mance into my once beloved tv show! The one and only tv show that I like, that is on weekly on a night that I might even be able to watch it!

I think that my love affair with Grey's is dashed. I loved watching McDreamy and now I have to think about two McLesbians talking about "going to 2nd base" and " trying things out before going below the belt!"


Can a girl not just watch her trash tv without all the stinkin' trash?

Friday, September 26, 2008

Thankful for the poop

It has been another holiday from the blog. Sorry, I think that is my trend.

Anyway, a couple days after " The Great Poopy War" my husband and kids were in a car accident.

A terrible, horrible, no good , very bad day. The car is gone- but the family is intact. Simply put.

We are so very grateful for the safety God has wrapped them in, to say the least.

Obama is CRAZY- ( sorry for the sidebar- but the debate is in the background)

So amongst the loose ends is finding a car with the piddly monies the insurance gives one when a car is a total loss.

I should be researching MORE on the internet right now- but I found this absolutley fascinating crockpot blog. I spent a good amount of time there. That led me to looking on ebay for an Equi Flow food dehydrator on the whim that I would make a load of fruit leather. What?

I know I am nuts. I had a food dehydrator and NEVER used it- wait- once in college we tried to make craisins and it did not work- not at all.

So anyhow- I have to go to Walmart to buy a shower card. For a baby shower. My life is exciting.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Have you ever wanted to run away?

If you have ever been a parent of toddlers, you have probably had a day like mine was yesterday.
A day that goes great, in which you are so stinkin' proud of yourself because you tackled so much with two screaming kids.
One that you managed to clean in between breaking up playdoh fights and even cook a dinner fit enough to invite a guest... so you do invite that guest.
Then whilst you are enjoying your guest ,pridefully doing dishes and actually cleaning up after dinner for once, you hear your precious children giggling and whooping it up and you think, " Dang, I have it together!"

Until one of those precious blessings says through hysterical laughter, " There is poop in the bathtub!"
And you see him running through your clean house with said poop on his legs, feet... everywhere.
Did I mention he was naked? But the sweet baby was fully clothed, standing in the poop filled bathtub and swathed with toilet paper.

Once I assessed the situation, I caught the running poop-mobile, threw him in the tub, took out the baby and stripped her down. I asked my guest to monitor her whilst I began to decontaminate the hallway, bathroom floor and child.
I am thinking that the situation is beginning to get under control and starting to think it was funny until two things... One- poop covered kid begins to touch his MOUTH! EW!
and two- guest reports that sweet baby pooped on my couch!
I seriously almost waltzed straight out the door. My couch! The one that was only one day ago scrubbed and shampooed and freed of its peed-on state.

Lesson- do not have nice things until kids are 30. Note to self- buy extra rubber gloves.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Maybe someday

I will have the guts to be like her.... and be obliviously happy.

What I am thankful for...

After a much longer than intended break from writing blogs, I have been reading a ton of them.

Lots and lots of them with really good and really honest details about what life is- and it ain't pretty!

It is all about the dishes being undone, the floors being dirty and all sorts of loose ends. I appreciate that immensely.

I am someone who never feels caught up and loses sleep and fingernails over it ( but gains a few lbs!)

In the REAL world- the one I live in- the kitchen is clean, but still cluttered, the bathroom hasn't been touched and the bed is still awaiting fresh sheets.

I also have been extremely blessed to have really great friends who appreciate this too! How great it is to try to stop sweating the small stuff.

Friday my daughter turns 2 and one of our friends baked her a cake to celebrate with everyone while we did our weds beach day. She stayed up late do it and had all the extras- matching tablecloth, napkins- everything! You know who you are and you ROCK!

We had a great day.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sleeping pills and washable markers

I had an unexpected half da from work today. That turned out to be a mixed blessing since I really would rather work, but I have been up since 3am.

I came home to one kid relaxing in a recliner and the other napping- or so we thought.

Instead we found a very blue girl with very blue walls, crib, sheets and mobile! Good thing that Crayola makes washable markers. This is her outside where I decided to spray her with the garen hose. Yes- she wa snaked when she did her artwork, so it was EVERYWHERE, if ya catch my drift.

No naps happened today and very crabby kids prompted me to put us all to bed at 6pm and I took my new sleep aid.

We are all up now. That lasted a whole hour and a half. I am very groggy now and these crazy kids say they are hungry! Yea for husbands and McDonalds, both of which arrived at home about ten minutes ago. I got my sweet tea fix and they are currently having a burger picnic. I am going to bed!